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On October 22nd 2013 the agreement of academic cooperation between the University of Lodz and the prestigious Chinese Zhengzhou University was  solemnly signed in the Chinese metropolis Zhengzhou in the Henan Provence.  The “2plus2” Program that will be realized within this agreement is the only such initiative that has acquired the acceptance of the Polish and Chinese Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The project enables students to get a degree in “economics” from two universities at the same time. A student studies first two years at the ZZU University and then continues the next two years of study at the University of Lodz.

Our University representatives were: Professor Zofia Wysokińska, the Pro-Rector for International Cooperation, Professor Paweł Starosta, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Professor Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, the Head of the Institute of Economics and Ms. Liliana Lato, Head of the International Students Office. Right after the agreement was signed, a discussion followed with the President of ZZU Professor Liu Jiongtian, Vice-President Chang Junbiao and the Dean of the International College Mr Shi  Maosheng regarding the possible ways of the project realization. The program offers mobility possibilities also for lecturers and guarantees the continuation of studies at the University of Lodz after completing the 1st degree of studies. The University of Lodz is the only Polish higher school that takes part in the project; there are 63 other schools from all around the world. Our application was submitted a year ago.

Professor Zofia Wysokińska had delivered a lecture which preceded the presentation of our University and the field of studies “economics” performed by Ms. Liliana Lato in front of 300 Chinese students. The event was held in a friendly atmosphere which promises a good cooperation.

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