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Chinese Culture Days


EKSOC students from China invited us to a Chinese Culture Day. We had the opportunity to see the real oriental world, tasted delicious Chinese food, got to know our Zodiac and played some games, but the most interesting was Chinese language workshops.

出 版: 11-05-2016

You Should Study With Us - International Aspects


Among many reasons why it is the best choice to study at our Faculty, there are two that are closely connected to the changing, international world in which we all have to live and work.
All our students can spend up to 12 months abroad (without causing a break in their studies) as a part of Erasmus programme that enables our students to study or do internship in one of 33 European countries. Just imagine the amount of experience you can get from those!
What’s more, our students can participate in Summer School courses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine, as well as in our beautiful city of Lodz. New friends, good atmosphere, learning – what more can you ask for?

出 版: 05-02-2016
11-12-2015|Graduate Gala
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